About the hotel

In a beautiful and majestic estate in Alle-sur-Semois, Dimitri and Jane Everard would like to welcome you to a charming hotel with an outdoor swimming pool and garden, a gourmet restaurant, a conference room and a brasserie dedicated to Orval beer.

In this setting, your gastronomic weekends, romantic getaways or business seminars meet “the spirit of Valley Country”, a guarantee of hospitality and quality.

Welcome to the land where the Semois river and the forest offer the most breathtaking vistas – a place where tourists, ramblers and epicureans all find what they were looking for.

The hotel and restaurant are closed on the following days/periods:

24/06 until 27/06

26/08 until 29/08

02/12 until 05/12

09/12 till 12/12

Hostellerie Le Charme de la Semois
Belgian Ardennes
Rue de Liboichant 12
B-5550 Alle-sur-Semois

+32 61 50 80 70