The hunt is on

and the hunting season starts again in early October. A culinary period we look forward to! We lift the veil to let you mouth watering ...

Come and enjoy all the comfort of our swimming area...


In a beautiful and majestic estate in Alle-sur-Semois, Dimitri and Jane Everard would like to welcome you to a charming hotel with an outdoor swimming pool and garden, a gourmet restaurant, a conference room and a brasserie dedicated to Orval beer.

Lampe rouge

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Closing days 2016

5-8 December included

12-15 December included

Closing days 2017 

9-26 January : open from Friday morning till Monday evening

26 January till 9 February: open from Wednesday morning till Monday morning

26-29 June included

28 till 31 August included

4-7 December included

11-14 December included