Located at the border between the Ardennes south of Namur, and the north of the Luxembourg Ardennes and just a stone’s throw from the French Ardennes, the hotel is naturally located at the crossroads of many activities:

// holidays

// sport and leisure activities

// hunting or fishing

// historical and cultural events

// visits to friends or family and business trip

The land naturally lends itself to recreation, making for wonderful holiday. Let us tell you all about the various activities available in the area.

The Semois river and its surrounding landscapes have some of the most beautiful spots to visit and hike.

Naturally as well as culturally, the Semois river area has many things to offer, such as an array of museums.

The Semois river area has lots of sports and recreational activities to offer.

Explore the Semois valley, with its looping rivers, waterside meadows, and valley sides.

Discover stone-cutting and slate-mining in the quarry of the village of Recht.

Walk in the footsteps of Godefroid of Bouillon and visit his castle, one of the oldest medieval ruins in Belgium.

Have you ever tried kayaking? It is a lot of fun and can be an exciting activity for the entire family, and it can be done right on the Semois river!

You can find many different local specialties around our hotel and in the region.